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Sexy Man Chopping Wood

Oct 06, 2010

Mad Men: Take Two - Twitter Fanzine

Sep 12, 2010 I am so hooked on Tweeting Mad Men. The Twitter voices behind the Mad Men character names are serious fans, and give their nom de plumes realism and depth worthy of the show. It has been a week since I wrote about my initiation into the Mad Men Twitter fanzine, and what a week it's been.

Writing, Twitter and Mad Men

Sep 06, 2010 After avoiding the show for the first three seasons, Mad Men finally sucked me in. The damnedest thing is, Twitter and Mad Men have joined forces. For the last two days, I've been tweeting with Mad Men characters.

The Diary With The Broken Lock

Jul 28, 2010

Still Writing

Feb 17, 2010