Female Reaction / Male Reaction

Mar 03, 2006

Since pfkozak.com launched on Sunday February 26th, reactions to the site have been bountiful. Women love it !! My female friends have raved (and yes indeed, panted) over both the photographs and the content. Za-Hazzanani called me from a black cab on a London street, exclaiming "Brilliant, simply brilliant!"

The male reaction is quite amusing.  I have been asked for a brown paper bag to cover a monitor, been advised that only gay men could get into it, been labeled a scarlet woman and been told that it is good to know that women have dirty thoughts, too.

Not only do I have dirty thoughts, I write them down! So, if you are visiting pfkozak.com, be prepared to read a few of those thoughts and enjoy yourselves.

And to the men who visit, I suggest you tell your ladies about the site. I suspect you will reap the benefits. 

- P. F. Kozak

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