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Sep 12, 2010

I am so hooked on Tweeting Mad Men. The Twitter voices behind the Mad Men character names are serious fans, and give their nom de plumes realism and depth worthy of the show, at least as much as is possible in a 140 character tweet. It has been a week since I wrote about my initiation into the Mad Men Twitter fanzine, and what a week it's been.

Using Twitter to emulate fictional characters is the latest iteration of fans taking their enthusiasm to the streets, or in this case, to their TweetDecks. Twitter is the perfect medium for a role-playing-game (RPG) fanzine. Similar to Trekkies, Mad Men fans embrace the characters, and morph into them. The attitudes and personalities on Twitter feel as real as the Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce extended family we love to visit every week.

The Mad Men doppelgangers riff off of each other, and off of follower replies to their Tweets, sometimes following the show's story line, sometimes throwing each other plot curve balls, but always true to their character. Maintaining the fourth wall and staying in character is part of the fun. When answering Tweets, they never post as themselves, but always as the unique voice of the person they are bringing to life. It is marvelous to participate in such interactive creativity, and a fantasy come true to actually walk the streets of New York in 1965 with Mad Men.

The first blog I did got some attention from the esteemed Twitter cast. This is from Don Draper (@The_Don_Draper):


Don to me: @Pash1994 Very interesting blog, dear, you have immortalized me with your kind words and my quotes, fascinating as I am ...

Me to Don: @The_Don_Draper You don't need me to immortalize you. You're doing a fine job on your own.

Then, he poured the gravy on the heaping mound of mashed potatoes. Don gave me a special Follow Friday, which is an endorsement for others to follow you on Twitter and read your Twitter stream.

Don to me: A wonderful writer #FF --- The most wonderful @Pash1994 - one of my favorites on Twitter - #FollowFriday

Then there was this exchange between Harry Crane (@HarryCraneSCDP) and Pete Campbell (@PeteCampbell_NY)


Harry to Pete: @PeteCampbell_NY Finally, I'm mentioned in a SCDP article. Too bad, Campbell, but it doesn't seem to mention you.

Pete to Harry: @HarryCraneSCDP Sure, maybe I didn't make it into @Pash1994's article. You know what? I'm still confident in my position here.

Me to Pete: @PeteCampbell_NY No slight intended. Plan a follow-up blog to talk more about my SCDP Twitter dialogue & its growing cast of characters

Me to Harry: Harry, there will be another blog. FYG MT @HarryCraneSCDP Too bad women aren't suited to dealing with clients on important issues.
That last Tweet was meant as a reminder to Harry that anything he Tweets can and will be used against him. I refer to these two tweets from Harry.

   Harry Crane

Too bad women aren't suited to dealing with clients on important issues. @TheJoanHolloway really did a good job with the scripts.

Don't tell @PeggyOlson I said that. In fact, don't tell @MrsHarryCrane I said that. She wouldn't understand what I mean.

Well, yeah! Damn straight Mrs. Crane wouldn't understand what you mean. Peggy fights the boys club everyday just to do her job. Joan got sidelined from script reading, even with doing a good job. Harry, can you say Gloria Steinem?

Getting off my soapbox and moving on, I come to my very favorite mention of my blog.

 Along with mentions from Rebecca Pryce (@Rebecca_Pryce)


 and yes, even Glen Bishop (@CreepyGlen),



I got this gem from Miss Blankenship (MissB_SCDP)

Creatives can be loopy, but I enjoyed this article:

Yes, that is my blog inside the link. Being called a loopy creative by Miss B made my day. I'm still smiling over that one.

As I'd hoped he would, Don Draper tweeted me from his (@DonDraperSCDP) account. To be invited into Don Draper's office and asked to close the door gave me a shiver (or three)! With the shivering, I managed to keep cool . . .


Don to me:  @Pash1994 Welcome to the madhouse. Have a seat. Shut the door.
Me to Don: @DonDraperSCDP I don't see it as a madhouse, but admission to the inner sanctum. Thank you for seeing me. I've already met @Roger_Sterling

Don't know where I got the nerve (actually, yes I do), I added:

@DonDraperSCDP If SCDP should need a consultant that's a synthesis of Dr Faye Miller & Dr Alfred Kinsey, I'm available. cc: @Roger_Sterling

For all the men watching Mad Men who want to be Don Draper, last week's advertising came from the SCDP school of marketing. They ran a Viagra commercial. That prompted this tweet and my response.

DonDraperSCDP: What's Viagra?

Pash1994: Something you don't need, Don.

And as for Roger Sterling (@Roger_Sterling), he kept a low profile this week, with very few tweets. He did tweet this to Joan Holloway Harris (@JoanSCDP) yesterday, when she shortened her Twitter name. It raised my hopes that things might be heating up again between Joan and Roger, at least on Twitter. Am I a bad person for hoping Greg Harris M.D. gets deployed to Vietnam soon?


 Roger to Joan: @JoanSCDP You'll always be Joanie to me no matter what you do with your name.

Joan to Roger: Greg still isn't home, and I get to cross another day off the calendar. @Roger_Sterling I hope you're having a better evening than I am.

 Then there is Rebecca Pryce (@Rebecca_Pryce), who spent the entire week on the QE2 crossing the Atlantic, and tweeting about her seasickness. This poor woman had a rough week. No one met her at the dock in New York and she's spent this entire weekend trying to locate Lane Pryce (@LanePryce), who is MIA on Twitter. For her tweets, check her stream. There are far too many to put in here, but they do make for an interesting travelogue. As a favor to Mrs. Pryce, a shout-out to @LanePryce. If you happen to read this, please Tweet @Rebecca_Pryce before she becomes a ward of SCDP (@_SCDP).

Stan Rizzo (
@StanRizzo_SCDP) couldn't decide what to have for lunch, circa 1965.  That inspired this series of Tweets:

Stan Rizzo

Me to Stan: Pastrami on rye and a cherry coke. RT @StanRizzo_SCDP Debating my lunch order. Any suggestions?

Stan to me: @Pash1994 too ethnic sounding

Stan to me: @Pash1994 too ethnic. though i will admit that place katz way down town does make a good one. wound up there one night. dont remember how.

Me to Stan: @StanRizzo_SCDP Then how about Turkey breast on white bread slathered with mayo. That might appeal to you.

Me to Stan: @StanRizzo_SCDP Love Katz's on Houston - best pastrami in NYC. You should broaden your taste - it would help your work.

As well as the core cast of characters, some offbeat SCDP tweeters popped up this week. T
hese quirky non-character characters are funny and insightful. They all view the Mad Men world from a unique perspective.


    We have Anna Draper's Ghost (@annas_ghost), the Twitter account of the recently departed Anna Draper



    The gossiping copy machine at SCDP (@Xerox914) who doesn't understand the meaning of privacy or confidentiality.



    The SCDP mouse (@TheSCDPmouse). This mouse is not to be believed, he's a cross between Dick Cavett and Groucho Marx.

This was @TheSCDPmouse's special request of me:

@Pash1994 When you update your blog, please advise if Bert Cooper's former balls are tweeting. It's been on my mind since hearing the tape.

I couldn't find a Bert Cooper's Balls Twitter account, but I did find this link:
Unnecessary Orchiectomy You may find the comments entertaining.

There is more, much more. But it's time to end this episode of Mad Men on Twitter. All these characters and more are in my Mad Men Twitter List. I'm @pash1994 on Twitter. The @ names in parentheses are clickable links that will take you to the Twitter profile page of the character, or just click on the list name for all the links in one place.

Mad Men is on again tonight. I'll be there, glass of Chardonnay in hand. I don't know how they'll top last week's entry in the series, but I'm sure they'll try.

The Tweets will follow, and I can't wait..


P.F. Kozak

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