Mo Beasley, UrbanErotika and Black Panties

Jan 06, 2007

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year !!!!

In October, I had the pleasure of participating in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s "In The Flesh" Erotic Reading series. That’s where I met Mo Beasley.  Mo has graciously invited me to participate in an UrbanErotika reading, the date to be determined.

Mo is a performance poet and Producing Director of UrbanErotika ( ). Affectionately known as The Head Coach of Erotica, he founded and hosts New York’s longest running monthly erotic showcase: UrbanErotika. Since 2001, UE has featured the passions of all cultures and lifestyles united to express true eros through spoken word, poetry, music, & dance.

At the "In The Flesh" reading, Mo read a poem he wrote called "Black Panties." Since that night in October, bits of that poem have come back to me, so much so I finally asked him for a copy. With his permission, I am sharing it with you.

May 2007 be filled with love for all of you.

P.F. Kozak

And here, my friends, is "Black Panties" by Mo Beasley.


black panties

I have a confession to make
confession of an obsession of mine
a positive obsession
absolute fascination

I love black panties

I love their dance & swing
their swing & sway

I love Africa wrapped in sensuous black

like fantasy reels
my air they steal
I’m entranced by their dance
unpredictable rhyme
heart-stopping time
I love their shimmy/their shine
their whip/their wind

I love to play in their dark reign

I love the way they trance & dance me into doom
somewhere in some funky blue room
fly in my face/asphyxiate
elevate/ intoxicate
rule my space

I hear them callin’/I hear them holla
“love me/lust me/kiss me/spank me”

yes, I love black panties

wrapped in minis, slips, slits, & all standard teasers
performing rites of passion in shrines deviant & divine
caste in gossamer light & decadent shadows
where phat beats bounce phat bottoms with asses out
inhibitions safely stowed in subconscious compartments
& all the dogs chasin’ tail ‘til they’re dizzy

I love black panties
I love a goddess wrapped in celestial black
in all her myriad colors & mystic shades
honey thick/cinnamon rich
midnight bright/sun dressed & ripe

I love that 125 stallionesque  stride
black on black leather sublime
elevating would be playaz & wanna be pimps
with a simple “thank you brother, i appreciate the compliment”

i love black panties
 black be my fancy
in satin, silk, leather or lace
free/un-ihibited/wild & un-chaste

I love their dance/I love their swing
their swing & sway
their shimmy/their shine
 their whip &wind
 unpredictable rhyme
heart-stopping time
I love to drench me
in their thigh wine!

black panties
i hear u callin’/i hear u holler
“love me”!
lust me”!
kiss me!”
“aw fool….just shut up & thank me”!

I love black panties

      -mo beasley

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