PASSION - Male Point Of View

Apr 10, 2006

As I got to know my male character in "Passion", and shift into his point of view, I came to understand both his sexuality, and his shadow self. I understood what motivated him, even if in his own mind, he didn’t. Ivan (pronounced i-VAHN) is passionate and unbelievably sexy, an alpha male to be sure. But he is also human.

He is on the brink of really mucking up his life when he meets my heroine, Pash. She touches something in him that no one else ever has, and triggers an awakening of self like no other he has ever experienced. As they get closer, and reveal their fantasies to one another, the sex gets hotter and hotter !!!

I expect what happened when I wrote his perspective is what happens when actors become a character. With Dr. Ivan Kozak in "Passion" – it is almost as if I channeled him. I became him and wrote his thoughts. When I write, I go into an altered state of consciousness. It is an internal world I tap into.

My characters live inside of me. They talk to me when I write. Sometimes, it all plays out in my head like a movie, and I write what I see and hear. Other times, it is like they are whispering their secrets to me, and I am keeping a journal for them. However it happens, I am grateful it does.

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