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Feb 27, 2006

Welcome to  pfkozak.com. I am pleased you stopped by to have a look around. This website is designed to be more than a place to sell my books  (although, I do hope you want to buy my books once you’ve had a looksy).

I want to give women a tasteful, classy, sensual place to relax and enjoy themselves. A glass of wine, some soft jazz, some erotic vignettes and pictures to stimulate (the imagination).

It’s about time women have a place to view pictures of men the same way men enjoy viewing pictures of women. It is interesting to see the male reaction to the pictures. For once, the shoe is on the other foot.

Women have long lived with the male sense of a female ideal, an elusive archetype for most of us, to be sure. We have not had the same freedom to project our fantasies onto beautiful men as men have had with shapely women.

 Now, with the Za-Hazzanani photographs, women can see classic male beauty and appreciate it in the same way. It is long overdue.  Enjoy.    

                                                    -  P. F. Kozak

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  1. You go, girl!

    — A Fan From NYC    Feb 27, 02:10 AM   

  2. talk about value-added! very pleasant interlude indeed…men for all reasons :)

    — hilary    Feb 28, 04:26 AM   

  3. Welcome to Aphrodisia, P.F. And thanks so much for this wonderful interlude…already added to my fave sites – for when I need to remember that I’m writing hot, slow, moody erotica for women.

    — Bonnie Edwards    Feb 28, 06:12 AM   

  4. As a writer & as an amateur photographer myself, this site touches on two of my passions. And it’s great to see a woman who is at home with the sensual AND the sexual plus you’ve got a sense of humor! I look forward to checking out some of your writing & oh, Za-Hazzanani’s photos are beautiful beyond words! And how refreshing that not all her models are hair-free! That is one Hollywood trend that doesn’t amuse me, this whole hairlessness to the extreme is just so wrong in my eyes… goodie trails are a good thing as Martha Stewart would say.

    I hope to check back in here regularly… I wish you all the best!

    — Victoria Levitsky    Apr 14, 01:29 PM