Sexy Man Chopping Wood

Oct 06, 2010

This is about a blogger named Gooddump and how what he writes gets under my skin. He says his blog, Nothing like a Good Dump is for "Getting that shit out of my head and onto the screen." That's exactly what he does, he dumps whatever is in his head onto his blog. 

Now, before you all go running to read what he writes, I will warn you - it is not for the faint of heart. He makes me laugh, and on occasion, has made me cry.  He also offends me, angers me, and makes me squirm with both embarrassment and raw sexual power. More than anything, he makes me think. For that reason, I keep going back for more.

One of his recent posts is called The Opposite of a Strip Club — Watching her Get Dressed. In that blog, he reverse engineers the sensuality of a naked woman being watched by a voyeuristic man. In vivid detail, he describes how watching a woman dress is a turn on, how the moves, bends, twists and turns not intended to be sexual still have their own innate sexuality. The underlying appreciation of a woman's body has hints of an artist doing a study. I could almost see the sketch pad with the tiny renderings of each detail he described.

Shortly after I read his most recent blog, Gooddump posted a tweet which triggered this Sexy Man Chopping Wood blog. Here, without editing, are the tweets:

gooddump: Chopped some wood to burn off some pent up aggression... I'm going back to vodka for that...


 Pash1994: Is it hot in here? [fans self] RT @gooddump Chopped some wood to burn off some pent up aggression... I'm going back to vodka for that...

 BeyondFD: RT @gooddump: Chopped some wood to burn off some pent up aggression... I'm going back to vodka for that... -->somehow sexy...

 gooddump:  @Pash1994 @beyondfd I can see how that might be "hot" but for me it was just sweaty... 


In response to Gooddump's blog ansd subsequent tweet, I couldn't help thinking, "Aren't we having the same reaction?" I love watching men move, especially when they're doing something physical.

Chopping wood - Hell yeah! How about this example . . .

Clint Walker 

This is Clint Walker chopping wood in Night of The Grizzly. Here is the whole wood chopping scene on YouTube.

Anyone who reads my books knows how much I love men. When Gooddump tweeted about chopping wood, he evoked this image and my breath caught. To him maybe it's just sweaty work, but to me as a voyeuristic woman, it is the same titillation he gets watching women, clothed or otherwise.

Tit for tat . . .

P.F. Kozak

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  1. I hate to disappoint you, but I probably look more like the grizzled cowpoke next to Clint Walker, rather than the muscular he-man chopping wood… But, then, that probably underscores your point — it’s the casualness of activity that makes it sexy, not what the person (woman dressing, man chopping wood) intends…

    Thanks for your praising words, by the way… Same as chopping wood, I’m not intending anything by it except getting through the pile, but I’m glad you like it.

    — Good Dump    Oct 6, 01:54 PM   

  2. It made me think of Lady Chatterly…and Monty Python…the Lumberjack skit. :)


    — Fallen Depths    Oct 6, 02:43 PM