Still Writing

Feb 17, 2010

In case any of you have wondered, I haven't disappeared into the ethers. I'm still at it, hard at work writing more books and trying new things. Spelunking in my inner cave has at times been tough going, but I pushed onward. I've created new characters and new stories which have helped me discover parts of myself I didn't know were there. It is an ongoing process, to dig deeper and find more.

Political activism is part of my digging deeper. Having a social conscience has meant standing up for what I believe in, and not being afraid to say so publicly. I've done that quite often of late, and find that speaking my truth has given my writing more honesty and depth.  

Growth as a writer happens slowly, sometimes imperceptibly. Experience being the great teacher, the writer as student is often humbled at the enormity of what isn't known and is yet to be learned. As life experience deepens, so does the understanding of love and pain, of joy and grief, of haves and have nots. Life can be a baptism of fire, and coming out the other side can be as a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

There are more stories to be written and more relationships to explore. I'm hoping what is yet to come touches you as much as it has me.


P.F. Kozak 

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  1. can’t wait to see what you have written. Looking forward to your new stories. Thank you.

    — Debbie    Mar 16, 01:43 AM   

  2. I just finished reading Passion. What a book!I became sooooooo attached to the characters and feel so lost without their story. Their sexual exploits may have made it steamy, but your characters are second to none. I love how you relayed the story from both person’s perspective. Brava! Can’t wait to find the rest of your books, since this was the first I’ve read. My friend is hooked too. Thank you

    — Diana    Apr 29, 05:30 PM