Pearls in the Raw - Victorian Erotica Rediscovered

Sep 10, 2006

Interesting word – voluptuous. It suggests ample or full, and in the broader sense, given over to the satisfaction of sensual desires. That is no doubt why “The Pearl” is described as “A Journal of Facetiæ and Voluptuous Reading.” “The Pearl,” an underground journal published in Victorian England from July 1879 to December 1880, is an erotic treasure chest. It is one of many such treasures I discovered while writing “Sins and Secrets,” an erotic novel set in Victorian London.

The research for “Sins and Secrets” took me into the shadow of the Victorian libido.

It’s Not About The Boa

May 18, 2006

“Bloody hell! She writes erotica!” That’s what I heard from the first person I told I was going to be published. Before then, no one knew about my writing. My secret life, and my inner world, were about to be exposed.

When I met my soon-to-be editor at a restaurant in midtown Manhattan, I wore a purple feather boa. I bought the boa to wear when I sat at my computer to write. Somehow, it helped me unlock the inner room where I stored all of my erotic treasures. Wearing that boa in public for the first time externalized my sense of coming out of the closet.

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Liaison With My Erotic Muse

May 18, 2006

Writing erotic romance is certainly a sexual liaison with my muse. Anticipation starts the juices flowing, and then imagination takes over. What is hotter than the expectation of tingles and whispers, caresses and sighs, and finally, skin against skin. The mind, after all, is the most potent erogenous zone. Much like spending a hot night with a lover, foreplay begins while walking up the stairs, or in this case, turning on the computer!

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