Sins and Secrets

Beverly Romance Books - ***** (5 Stars)

Nov 4, 01:09 AM

Author:  P.F. Kozak

Erotica At Its Best!

One of the best erotica books I’ve read in a long time. The sex scenes are well-written, but unlike some erotica that has no story or character development, this story does, which makes it an all around pleasure to read. A very pleasurable book from beginning to end. A story that stimulates and surpasses all of the sensuality tests and scales.

What I like the most about this story is how the reader can choose to have either the male or the female as dominant in the sex scenes. Peter has loved Pamela from the moment she was a child while working as the family barrister. Upon her father’s death, Pamela becomes Peter’s ward, but she is now becoming a beautiful young woman and his sexual attraction to her is strong. He sends her away to boarding school in order to avoid the stimulation and taking the innocence of a young girl. Pamela returns from school as a beautiful, adult young woman, who is coming into her own sexuality and has stacks of the famous "Pearl" journals, wanting nothing more than to share what she has learned in these stories with Peter. They immediately recognize their sexual attraction to each other has grown even more during her absence and the sensual games between them begin.

More than an erotic story of just sexual escapades, this is also a love story – and written in the Victorian era – making it a historical erotic romance – makes it even more alluring for romantica fans. I highy recommend this book for adults who enjoy a well-written historical erotic romance and I look forward to many more books written by P.F. Kozak in the future.

                            – Reviewer:   Beverly  (Beverly Romance Books)