Sins and Secrets

Coffee Time Romance Review

Aug 4, 12:15 PM

ISBN# 0-7582-1418-9
October 2006
Kensington Aphrodisia Books
Erotic Romance/Historical
Rating:  4 cups  –
The book is a keeper!  This is a very outstanding book you would like to keep to read again in the future.

Pamela Kingston has loved Peter Rennard, her guardian, for a long time. But each year she goes back home from school, ready to stay, Peter pushes her back to school. Peter still sees her as the young girl she was instead of the woman Pamela is. Well Pamela is back home to stay, and to show Peter how much of a woman she really is.

Peter Rennard, has lusted after Pamela for years, but he is only her guardian and he promised her deceased father he would see to it Pamela would marry in her status. With no kind of peerage, Peter knows that leaves him out, so he will have to suffer through until he is able to marry Pamela off. The trouble with that idea is Peter cannot stand the thought of anyone else touching Pamela, so how is he going to manage this?

When Pamela returns home to stay, she lets Peter know that she is a woman and wants him. As Peter fights his desires, he finally gives in, and decides to teach Pamela the lessons of love. But as time goes by, Peter knows something will have to be done, either he will have to find someone for her to marry or marry her himself. Peter knows that is not what her father would have wanted. But when the situation changes, everything is up in the air. Can Peter and Pamela have the life they want? Or will the price of Pamela’s freedom be too high?

SUPERB!  Ms. Kozak has creatively penned a very spicy historical, that will shed a whole new light on historical romances. Exceptionally written and vividly described, this tale is about one woman’s move for her independence, not only as a person but in her sexuality also. Strong characters and some very interesting secondary characters are the base of this story with extremely erotic sex scenes and an interesting storyline interwoven to make a complete tapestry. A very entertaining story perfect for bedtime.

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