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Pash has decided that she has become too dependant on her fantasies for her amusement; a writer that goes for days without contact with others cannot have many things to write about. In search of human contact, Pash decides to take up horseback riding in an attempt to bring her fantasy Highwayman to life a bit more vividly. When she arrives at the stable, the instructor she’s led to is her Highwayman come to life.

Ivan has been looking forward to spending his summer away from the university and helping his cousin with his riding stable. He didn’t want to have to deal with students until the fall, but when his cousin ended up an instructor short, he couldn’t leave him in the lurch. He was very thankful when he turned and saw his first student.

Even though she discovers she fears horses; Pash cannot stay away from the enigmatic Dr. Ivan Kozak. She is drawn to his body and the care he shows the horses, but is drawn in by his mind; fascinated by the brain inside the brawn. When she finds that they share more than a few preferences she has a harder and harder time thinking about the end of the summer.

Passion is a quirky story that seems eerily autobiographical. Using alternating points of view, Ms. Kozak walks us through the meeting and subsequent relationship of Passion Flower “Pash” Platanov and Professor Ivan Kozak. Pash is a delightful mix of innocence and deviltry. She shows a keen insight into the minds and hearts of the people she comes in contact with and grounds the more flamboyant and mercurial Ivan. Ivan is a man’s man with the added benefit of a background in English literature. When you mix brawn and brains, a delectable package emerges.

What added to this story was the ‘everyman’ way of speaking that both characters had. Even when they were discussing literature or the discovery of one’s inner self, their language did not stray into a stiffer, more proper tone. I would like to add that the book quoted in Passion, Sagacity, was an intriguing addition to the story. The issues brought up and addressed while the characters were reading and discussing Sagacity added a nice moral background to the entire book.

 P.F. Kozak has penned a fantastic story of accepting responsibility for your actions and the intimacies of a serious relationship. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Kozak.

Reviewed by: Serena
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Title: Passion
Author: P.F. Kozak
Published By: Aphrodisia
ISBN #: 0-7582-1417-0
Release Date:  Available Now
Format: Print
Page Count: 328