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May 18, 07:35 AM

Title: Passion
Author: P.F. Kozak

Publisher: Aphrodisia
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 075821417-0
Reviewer: Tasha Fisher
Rate: 5 Stars      
Heat Level: O
(O for Orgasmic arousal level. Our reviewer found the ultimate satisfaction with this book.)

Pash is a dedicated author that longs for the love and life that fantasies are made from. To find a little passion, she decides to take riding lessons. There she meets Ivan Kozak, a man like no other she has ever met. Ivan is a college professor that helps his friend Steve out with his ranch during Ivan’s breaks. For most of his life, Ivan has been the “love them and leave them” type of guy, but now together, Pash and Ivan find a love in each other that neither of them knew the other possessed. Can Pash learn to live with Ivan’s past, and can Ivan learn to love and stay?

What you don’t see right now is me bowing down to Mrs. Kozak for a story that is to die for, or should I say to cum for. The book starts out with a sexual fantasy that could make anyone blush. The story line of a smart woman wanting to let out her inner bad girl is great, we all have and inner bad girl just urging to come out. The story had an interesting plot. A man and a woman finding an instant attraction to one another and having to deal with each other’s past lovers, is very realistic. Pash is a more conservative person than Ivan is. He is more laid back. Together they are an interesting contrast of each other and it makes their relationship even more realistic and hot. I admire Ivan’s tell it as it is attitude. He’s honest and up front, most guys are usually one or the other. The heat of their feelings comes out in the story and in their love scenes. I would recommend this book to anyone that needs to be heated up.

Tasha Fisher
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Note:  Five Stars: The reviewer found this book to have engaged all her reading senses. Well written, arousing, with well developed characters and plot line. There were no faults with this story, and considers it definitely worth re reading.