Sins and Secrets

Just Erotic Romance Reviews - ***** (5 Stars)

Aug 21, 11:57 AM

Title: Sins and Secrets
Author: P.F. Kozak

Publisher: Aphrodisia
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ISBN: 0-7582-1418-9
Reviewer: Aggie Tsirikas
Rating: 5 Stars  
Heat level: O    (O for Orgasmic arousal level. Our reviewer found the ultimate satisfaction with this book.)

Victorian London is a time of extreme contradiction, where passion, love, and matters of the heart take a backseat to the practicalities of tactical marriages, alliances are forged between wealthy families, and young ladies are governed by strict societal codes. It was unheard of for young women to neither contemplate any sexual adventures nor wish for a love match. But not so for Pamela Kingston, a young lady who wishes to indulge her fantasies with her charismatic and masterful guardian Peter Rennard, a man whom she’s loved forever and who promises to indulge her every whim.

Sins and Secrets is a fabulous book that is addictive reading. Set in Victorian London, this was a time when people were both very proper and also very sensually indulgent; your passions, peccadilloes, or sexual inclinations could be indulged behind closed doors. Ms. Kozak gives the reader the impression of being transported back to that time in history, bringing alive the sights, smells and people. I found Sins and Secrets to have a unique writing style; Ms. Kozak is daring in her execution of this erotic romantic piece of work, utilizing the era to her advantage and giving us such a raunchy, bawdy and extremely arousing tale of a passionate love that sustains and strengthens through some interesting developments. Especially when Peter initiates Pamela into the world of hidden desires, sexual fantasies, pleasure and pain, these two explode off the pages.

There’s so much packed into this book—adventure, great characters, and passionate and sexy scenes that keeps you eager to read on. References to the The Pearl and Fanny Hill are used to effect showing the progression of Peter and Pamela’s relationship, their sexual daring and experiments. They are simply dynamite together. You have some very thrilling sexual encounters between Pamela and Peter, a ménage a trios, and some very interesting secondary characters who make Sins and Secrets so very memorable and addictive reading.

Aggie Tsirikas
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