Passion Review ***** (5 stars)

Mar 28, 05:09 AM

When I read erotica, I’m usually expecting only one kind of experience. What surprised me about P.F. Kozak was just how truly smart this was. The sensuality was so tasteful and the characters felt real.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy a narrative that alternated points of view, but these voices were hypnotic. I always know when I’m connecting with a writer’s work because I feel like the characters are whispering to me.

P.F. Kozak seamlessly blends varying elements of human thought and emotion with scorching scenes. I appreciated the way seemingly forbidden desires and fantasies were dealt with. Ivan was an incredible hero – he was passionate and unbelievably sexy, but also flawed with a penchant for sexualizing his too young students. Having Pash help him find the true nature of this need and redirect it towards her without making him feel ‘evil’ or ‘seedy’ was brilliant.

The friendships between Ivan and Steve and Pash and Gwen were incredible – fraught with real life drama! Finally, I just loved the whole give and take between Ivan and Pash as they journeyed towards a monogamous relationship.

And here’s something I’m cutting and pasting on my desk, because I feel it applies to so many things…

"Be In It. Immerse Yourself In The Fire. Then be the Phoenix and Rise From the Ashes".

This was an amazing read!

                                                                – An Early Bird Reviewer