Passion Excerpt

Feb 14, 06:00 AM


This ia a REALLY HOT excerpt. (Sexually Explicit) 

After the debacle of my first lesson, I nearly decided to abandon this horse insanity and cancel my lessons. I humbly realized I might have romanticized the whole riding business. The reality seemed to fall far short of what I imagined. But I could not stop thinking about Ivan, about how he moved hefting that hay into the stall or how he looked sitting on Nutmeg or how patient he had been with my pratfall. 

 Then, a few days before my next appointment, something happened which guaranteed I would not change my mind.  I dreamed about Ivan, an erotic dream, a real humdinger, too.  I decided to return for the second lesson only because I wanted to see him again. I really didn’t think I had it in me to learn to ride, but because I knew no other way to see him, I thought I would try.

In the dream, I came into the stable, like I did the first day. Ivan had his shirt off as he lifted bales of hay. I watched him take the hay into an empty stall, marveling at the exquisite masculine beauty of his body. The sweat made his skin shine, the muscles in his arms and back bulging with the weight of the bales.

I had the impulse to touch myself while I watched him, but he turned around before I could stroke myself.  When he saw me, he simply said, “It’s time to start your lesson.” He didn’t leave the empty stall, but motioned for me to join him there.

  Walking into the stall, I tripped. I fell into the mud, except this time I fell on my arse instead of my knees. He picked up the hose and sprayed me, the water pulsing between my legs. As the water sprayed harder and harder, my knees became weak. He caught me, pressing his chest up against my breasts as he held me.  Suddenly, I felt very confused. I couldn’t remember why I had come there or why I felt so aroused.  I asked him, “I don’t know you. Are you my Highwayman?”

“You don’t need your Highwayman anymore. You have me.”

“Who are you?” I felt afraid. The fear only seemed to feed my arousal. My need to touch him threatened to consume me.

“I am your teacher. I will show you what you came here to learn.”  He took a blanket and spread it over some hay in the empty stall. He said, “Come, lay beside me.” I went to him and lay down on the blanket beside him.

He opened his jeans. Taking hold of my hand, he said, “You want to touch me, I know you do. You want to touch me like this.” He slid my hand up and down his erection. “Oh yes, touch me just like that.  It’s fucking good.”

 I could feel the heat of his breath on my neck as he nuzzled me. He lifted my shirt and fondled my breasts as he pushed himself into my hand. Then he wedged his hard leg between my thighs. The slight rocking motion of his body as he moved in my hand sent ripples of pleasure into me.

I laid my head on his chest so I could hear his heartbeat.  He smelled like hay and sweat. “Please, I need to come.” I moaned the words into his chest as I pressed harder against his leg. He held me as I rubbed against him. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the sensation.

I still had my hand on him, stroking him as he had shown me. “I’m close, rub harder.” I wanked him harder. He started to spasm, spilling himself into my hand. His cum burned my palm. Before I could tell him that, he dipped his fingers into his scalding semen and rubbed it on my nipples. My breasts ignited with heat, which set my body on fire.

He held me as I pressed myself against his leg with increasing force. “Ivan. . .” I felt my body tense as waves of sensation moved through me. My skin tingled like a thousand fireflies had nested on me. I bolted awake with the feeling of him all through me, breathless from my own climax.

I couldn’t get back to sleep after that. The heat would not go away. After rubbing off again thinking about him, I picked up my journal to write about him.


I told Steve about Pash’s mishap, since I thought perhaps after her first lesson, she might not come back.  I actually expected that to be the case. He had a good laugh and shrugged it off with an, easy come, easy go attitude. I asked my old friend if he knew if she were married. He grinned and said, “Why? You interested or something?”

“I might be.”

“I thought the redhead might be fuckable, but I’m surprised you’re on the pull. I thought you like ‘em younger.”

I flipped him the bird. “Sod off, mate. Just tell me what you know.”

“Gwen rang this morning to tell me her friend Pash wanted lessons and asked me to help out with it. I told her to pop out today and I’d show her around.” That explained the unexpected student. Steve always jumps at the chance to sign on someone new.

“While she filled out the registration form, we had a little chat. I found out straight away that she wasn’t married, just in case things don’t work out with Gwenny.”

I ignored that crack, wanting to get more information out of him. “Do you know what she does for a living?”

“I’m not sure exactly. I think she writes or something.”

 “Writes what?”

 “Books, you twit! What do you think?”

Not wanting to let him have the last word, I gave him something to think about. “Thanks, old man. And I must say, Gwen would probably be quite interested to know you are considering hitting on her friend.” I patted him on the back and went back to the stable.

This new lady pumped my nads. I figured I would wait and see if she came back for lesson number two. If she didn’t show, I would call her. My attraction to her surprised me. But I couldn’t deny it. My cock wouldn’t let me deny it.

 Her tumble in the mud gave me an eyeful. The wedgie from her jeans clearly opened her. Hosing her down made her jeans cling to her labia even more, not to mention the peanuts she smuggled under her shirt when I brushed her tits. That whole bit of business made a deposit in my wank bank. Every time I thought of it, my cock stirred.

 For a few days, I tried to push the picture out of my head. What a wasted effort! The more I tried not to think about her, the stiffer I got. Finally, I gave into my blue balls. I had stashed a few porn mags under my mattress. Every now and again, I had the urge to have one off the wrist. The ladies in my mags kept me company.

Since those ladies were the only ones available to shag, I retrieved my stash and had a look. Leafing through them, I found one with red hair. She seemed a fine bird to help me take care of business.

Skimming off my clothes, I retrieved a tube of lubricant I kept in my bedside table. Tossing it on the bed, I settled in with the magazine. The redhead’s tits caught my eye first. Her nipples looked like someone had just licked them, shiny and moist.

Running my finger down the page, I thought of Pash. Her tits probably looked like this. My arm pressed against her bubbies when I helped her to stand up. She had a nice set, not too big, but firm and full. Christ, how much I wanted to squeeze them and pinch those ripe nipples.

My eyes drifted further down the page. I saw Pash there, naked and open. She had red hair covering her snatch. I knew she would. Her legs were spread wide, waiting for me.  Squirting a dollop of lube on my hands, I slicked myself up. A drop of pre-cum dripped off my tip and ran down my groin. She had me going all right. This is what I needed, to really sink myself into her.

Wanting my hand to feel like her pussy, I started to bang one out. A good ride with me would make her so wet. Oh yeah, I wanted to do her.  Pulling down those wet jeans and spreading her legs, burying my cock in her. Fuck yes, flat on her back under me.

I grabbed the tube and smeared on more lube. The veins on my organ bulged, purple and angry. Wet pussy, I wanted her wet pussy around me.  The more I thought of riding her, the harder I pumped. She had to be hot, with all that red hair.

The heat from my organ scorched my hand. I wanted her. I needed to push myself into her. I wanted to hold back, but I couldn’t. She sent this picture to me, this picture of herself waiting for me, her red bush burning for me, her legs wide open, wanting my cock inside of her. 

My muscles tensed and locked, the paralysis of arousal consumed me. Her pussy gripped my granite organ as I drove myself into my own hand. Sliding in and out of her, drilling her with everything I had, my nuts boiled over. My entire body shook as I creamed.

I had to have her, but how the frigging hell could I manage it?