Romance Reviews Today

Apr 17, 03:30 AM

PASSION – P.F. Kozak
Aphrodisia (Trade)
ISBN: 0-7582-1417-0
May 2006
Erotic Romance

England ~ Present Day

Author Passion Flower "Pash" Platonov decides she needs some outside interests rather than just immersing herself in her writing. Her  friend Gwen suggests riding lessons from her friend Steve. Arriving at the stable, Pash is turned over to Ivan Kozak, a professor spending his summer vacation teaching riding. Red-hot sparks between Pash and Ivan fly and they soon embark on a summer affair which neither one is sure where it is headed.

For Ivan, Pash is different from the ladies he’s bedded in the past. He’s known to take university students to bed and toss them away soon afterward. Pash intrigues him; not only for her unusual name, but for the fiery attraction between them. He wants more than a few weeks with her, but can he convince her to take a chance on him past the summer?

PASSION is an erotic tale that is told completely in the first
person of both the heroine and hero. Pash has been having erotic
dreams involving a highwayman and when she turns to riding lessons
she comes face to face with a man who can provide her a distraction.
Right at the start there is sexual chemistry between them. Rather
than a quickie fling in the hay, they first go on a date with the
knowledge they’ll likely land in bed. As the days drift along and
they continue to see each other, Pash and Ivan come to know each
other—and fall in love.

Like any young couple, Pash and Ivan want to spend time together,
but real life—and friends—interfere. Ivan’s friend Steve is
resentful of Pash’s importance in Ivan’s life. As the two men clash,
their insecurities rise to the surface. Can this friendship be
saved? The sex scenes between Pash and Ivan are scorching and
passionate as the couple bonds and falls in love. PASSION is about a
couple who discovers friendship after passion ignites between them.

P.F. Kozak skillfully weaves together a complicated story by having
two points of view. While it takes getting used to at first, the end
result makes PASSION a story where you can literally get into the
heads of both lead characters. There is also the British slang that
threw off this American reader at first, but it never detracts from
the story. While there are plenty of sex scenes, it is the
interaction and the evolution of the relationship between Pash and
Ivan that draws you into PASSION. With two likeable characters and
an absorbing plot, PASSION will definitely fascinate readers.

Pick up PASSION today and immerse yourself in a tale of passionate
love as it’s nurtured and finally blossoms.

Holly Tibbs