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Title:      PASSION
Author: P.F. Kozak
ISBN:     0-7582-1417-0
Publisher Aphrodisia Kensington
Category contemporary Rating : 31/2 Stars
Sensuality Rating:  Sizzling

Teaser:  P.F. Kozak pens a steamy romance between two ordinary people in her riveting novel PASSION.
Review Pash, a writer, finds herself too often cut off from the real world and living in her imagination. Her favorite fantasy, being ravished by a Highwayman, becomes almost too real. In order  to save her sanity she decides to get out and do something she has always wanted to do, learn to ride a horse. Her best friend’s boyfriend owns a barn and so Pash makes an appointment for a lesson. What she finds is a man right out of her dreams, her highwayman, in the form of Ivan, her riding instructor. Over the next few lessons Pash’s dream man truly becomes reality as Ivan becomes very attentive and at lasts asks her out for dining, dancing and more. Ivan delights Pash with his love making and she lives up to her given name: Passion.

Ivan and Pash continue to discover each other and learn from each other as they fall deeper and deeper in love. Ivan learns to listen to his heart and Pash learns to trust. They both have found their soul mates at last.

Uniquely, the narrative in PASSION changes between the thoughts of Pash and Ivan, often about the same situation and it totally worked. However, some scenes were stilled but without being too distracting. PASSION by P.F. Kozak is erotic and sexually explicit so readers beware, you may need your significant other handy. For a read that will take over your senses and imagination, PASSION by P.F. Kozak is written for you!
Reviewer Donna Zapf
Posted September 27, 2006