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Jul 27, 03:22 PM


Katherine Robinson finds herself in a marriage that wasn't tumultuous but also wasn't passionate. When her mother unexpectedly passes away, Katherine is compelled to take some action. Her husband Tom, as always preoccupied with work, doesn't understand how serious she is about changing their life together. Nor does Shelly, her grown daughter. So Katherine sets off alone, to her mother's beloved cabin in the Adirondacks, not knowing what to do next. 

She doesn't expect to find rustic artisan Ryan Cavanaugh there, or Ben Sutton, a retired cop. Much to her surprise, both these men, one younger, one older, are attracted to her, and to her further surprise, she responds-really responds-to both of them. They reawaken her sexuality, and make her feel more alive than she has in too long a time. 

At the cabin, Katherine discovers the life her mother led, one she knew nothing about. She also resuscitates her career as a photographer, which she shelved to be a wife and mother. Above all, Katherine comes to recognize that she has options, and she can pursue whatever future she wants.

Ambrosia Moon

A story for women like Katherine and those who know and love them. 

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