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( Warning - Sexually Explicit ! ) 


Chapter One

Charlie really needed a shower. His eight-to-twelve shift in the engine room had wrapped up at midnight. He wiped his grimy hands on his Do It To Mewhite boiler suit, now covered with the grease, soot and sweat. He wasn't fit to be seen, let alone enjoy some female company. Nonetheless, he made his way to the Monkey Bar at the stern of the ship, to see if his mate Morgy had come through for him again.

As he thought would be the case, the crowd at the bar had thinned. After midnight, most passengers inclined to late night partying drifted to the Twilight Bar, where they could disco until the wee hours. The Monkey Bar closed at one a.m.

Morgy spotted him and waved him over. Charlie could tell by the expression on his face that the barman had a bit of business to share.

"Hey there, mate. How about a pint to wash the taste of soot out of my mouth?"

"Bloody hell, what happened to you? You're filthy!"

Charlie propped his foot on the rail in front of the bar and watched Morgy draw his pint. "I had a run in with a fan on the number four soot blower. Fuckin' thing got stuck. I got it unstuck and lubed, but not before I got covered with soot and grease." He gratefully took the glass, and then looked around. "Good thing there aren't many passengers left. I shouldn't be in here looking like this."

"Especially with your coveralls open to your navel." Morgy eyed Charlie's hairy chest. "There's dirty sweat sliding down your treasure trail."

 "It's hot as Hades next to the boiler!" Charlie chugged half the pint in one long drink, and then wiped the foamy mustache on his sleeve. He noticed Morgy still looking at him. "You're going to burn a hole in my chest if you keep staring at it."

"You're making me wish I'd lined up a bit of company for myself tonight."

Charlie laughed. In a low voice, he poked some fun. "What, you couldn't find yourself a boyfriend in the crowd tonight?"

"No, I was too damn busy sorting out a Sheila for you."

Charlie smiled broadly. "Which one of the ladies did you reel in?" Charlie had given Morgy a list of candidates before he started his shift in the engine room. He'd hoped one of them would come into the bar tonight.

"The one I want to be like, of course." Morgy then did a spot on impersonation of the stacked blonde Charlie had seen by the swimming pool that afternoon. "What is your name again? Yes, of course, Morgan. I do remember seeing that delightful young man earlier today. Meet with him? Goodness, is that allowed?"

Charlie held up his hand to stop Morgy's performance before any of the remaining passengers heard him. "All right, Miss Oz! I know which one it is. Sandy blonde hair and a great body. I saw her again this avro on the Lido deck by the pool."  He smiled as he remembered the crimson bikini she had on. "Her togs gave me a throb in the knob."

Morgy winked at Charlie. "You do the same for me."

Charlie shook his head. "Jesus H. Sufferin' Christ, you're such a friggin' queen."

"Yes, and proud of it. Can't show it too much in here. It's bad form."

"You're shit out of luck getting a chubby from me. I like women."

"Can't blame a girl for trying. One of these days, I'll get you drunk and give you a head job." Morgy tapped his lips with his index finger. "Or maybe, you'll have your way with me."

"Not bloody likely, mate. Never have, never will."

Morgy smiled. "I've heard that before."

"Now you're hearin' it again." Charlie took another drink and waited. "Well, you going to tell me about the Sheila you set up for me?"

  "This one's on the prowl. You were right, her name is Petula, but she says her friends call her Pet. Came in here looking over every man in the bar. Seemed happy she hooked up with someone she fancies."

"You think she fancies me?"

 "I know she does. She asked me if you're married, and what you do on the ship. You'd best be finishing that pint PDQ. I told her to meet me here at one, and I'll take her to your cabin. If she sees you looking like a brown-eyed mullet, she'll turn around and go back to her first class cabin."

"First class? Not too shabby! Think she has money?"

"What do you care? It's not her money you're after."

"You got that right, mate." Charlie finished off his pint. "Gotta go and wash up. You got your key?"

Morgy patted the pocket on his red vest.  "Right here. Don't worry, you'll have a naughty tonight."

"I know I will. Thanks, mate. I'll see what I can scare up for you next time."

"Promises, promises." Charlie left Morgy finishing his clean-up. He would be closing the bar directly, and then escort Pet to Charlie's room.

Charlie took the authorized route back to his cabin, walking through the verandah and crossing the Lido deck to the stairs that led back to the engine room. Just as he thought they would be, the swimming pools on the Lido deck were deserted at this hour. Again he remembered seeing Pet that afternoon in her swimming togs. His mates called this the Libido Deck with good reason.

From the engine room, he took the stairs that led to the crew's quarters on the starboard side of the ship. As he walked down the alleyway on C Deck toward his cabin, Charlie glanced at the locked door that separated the passengers' quarters from the crew's. In about fifteen minutes, Morgy would be opening it with his contraband key and bringing the sexy Sheila to his room.

He didn't have much time. After skimming off his soot covered boiler suit, he jumped into the shower. With a woman coming, he made sure he scrubbed all the nooks and crannies thoroughly. He paid particular attention to his nuggets, hoping this sexy lady would do some teabagging.

Once he quickly dried, he put on some black trousers and a white shirt. He didn't bother with shoes and socks, figuring he wouldn't have his clothes on for long. He straightened his bunk, and unearthed his stash of gin. Just as he set two glasses on his desk, someone knocked on his door.

When he answered, a curvaceous blonde in a sexy, low-cut blue halter dress stood there. Morgy was nowhere in sight.


"You're Petula, right?"

"Yes. Morgan unlocked the door, and then pointed down the hall. He told me Cabin 169. I'd hoped he wasn't mistaken."

"Nope, Morgy knows my cabin. We're best mates. He wouldn't steer you wrong." Charlie stepped aside. "Please, come in."

"Thank you." Petula came into Charlie's small cabin. He gave her a once-over from behind. He almost whistled when he saw that the back of the dress dipped open nearly to her bum, and then it flared at her waist into a full skirt. She obviously didn't have a bra on! Charlie could see most of her bare back.

He managed to get his wits. "Make yourself at home. Would you like a drink? I have some good Gordon's Gin. I can make you a gin and tonic."

"That would be lovely. And please call me Pet." She laid her clutch bag on his desk and sat down on the edge of the bunk. "They don't give you fellows much room in these cabins, do they?"

Charlie smiled. "They save the good cabins for the paying passengers. We're just the hired help." He noticed Petula studying his old, scratched up desk.

"Are those initials carved into the wood?"

"Yeah. When my mates come in here for a drink, they leave me an autograph. That desk has history. Some of those initials are from other engineers who had this cabin before me."

"You're an engineer?"

"I'm a third assistant engineer. I just got off my watch. I do eight-to-twelve twice a day."

Petula took the glass Charlie offered her. "That's how you could be on the Lido deck this afternoon. I wondered about that."

Charlie pulled out his desk chair and sat down. "I saw you this avro." He gestured toward her with his glass. "Couldn't help but notice what a good looking woman you are."

"How sweet of you to say that. I also picked you out of the crowd."

"Did ya' now? You weren't put off by my being with the crew and not a passenger?"

"Quite the contrary." Petula checked him out as he had her. "Most of the men I've met are old, married or pansies. You aren't any of those."

"Now, how would you know that?" Charlie moved from the desk chair and sat on the bunk beside her.

"It's quite obvious you aren't old, or a pansy." She sipped her G&T before she added, "And I asked if you were married."

"Who'd you ask?"

"The lifeguard at the pool. I pointed you out today. He told me your name and said he didn't think you had a wife, but to ask the barman at the Monkey Bar."

"So that's how you met my mate Morgy. I wondered why you showed up there tonight." Charlie considered telling her more, and decided it wouldn't hurt. "I described you to him and told him to keep an eye out for you."

"It did seem quite a coincidence that he offered to bring me to your cabin without my asking."

"No coincidence. I wanted to meet you, but I had to be careful. It's against the rules for me to be socializing with the female passengers. I could get my arse in deep if anyone finds out you've been in my cabin."  

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone I know you, or that I've been in your cabin."  Petula pointed to his poster of a topless dark skinned woman, who seemed about to peel off her panties. Charlie had hung it over his desk so he could see it from his bunk. "Charming picture."

Not the least bit embarrassed by his choice of artwork, Charlie explained his fantasy Sheila. "I found that picture in a small shop in Sydney and snapped it up straight away. I call her Yooralla."

"I never heard that name before."

"It's an Aborigine word that means love. Knew a girl once called Yooralla.  Don't know what ever became of her, but she was even more beautiful than that Sheila. I think of her sometimes when I'm alone." Charlie's voice trailed off. He hadn't meant to say that.

"That picture reminds you of her, doesn't it?"

"S'pose so." Not wanting to sound so serious, he set his glass on the floor and again pointed to the poster. "Figured she would keep me company on these long, lonely nights at sea."

"Does she? Keep you company, I mean."

"When I need her, she does. But tonight, I don't need her." Petula suddenly stood up, set her glass on the desk, and picked up her bag. Charlie got up and grabbed her arm, afraid she had decided to leave. "You aren't going, are you?"

"No, dear Charles. I have something for you in my bag."

Charlie relaxed his grip on her arm. "Bloody hell, you gave me a start. I thought I had done something to put you off."

"Not at all. Truth be told, you're the only man I've met on this long, boring trip that interests me."

Charlie grinned. "Is that a fact!"

"That is indeed a fact. That's why I want you to give you this." Petula opened her clutch bag and gave Charlie a key.

"Is this what I think it is?"

"That's an extra key to my cabin. I'm on Deck B, Cabin 232."

"Hell, Pet, B232 isn't a cabin, that's a suite with a balcony. Those digs cost a friggin' fortune!"

"I can afford it, so why not?"

"I know you're British. What are you, royalty or something?"

"No, not royalty, just lucky."

Charlie gave her back the key. "Don't know why you're givin' that to me. I'm an engineer on the Ortensia. You're a first class passenger on her."

Petula put the key on his desk. "Your mate Morgy told me about you, about how you know more about a ship than anyone else he's ever known. He also told me you're good at making keys."

"He told you that?"

"He told me you're the one that copied the special key that opens the door between the passenger cabins and the crew's. You could copy my extra key, and then give it back to me."

"Your knowin' that could get my arse put off the ship, let alone your being in here with me."

Petula wrapped her arms around Charlie's neck. "Getting cold feet, Charles?"

"Why me, Pet? Why are you keen on me?"

"I could ask you the same thing."

"That's an easy one. You're a good looking woman. You gave me a boner this avro, and you're giving me another one now." Charlie cleared his throat. "I'm sorry. Don't usually use such coarse talk with a woman."

"And I don't offer the key to my room to just anyone. I saw you the other day. I made it a point to find out your name when I saw you again on the Lido deck this afternoon."

Charlie slid his hand up Petula's bare back to her neck. "I don't remember seeing you before today."

"You were busy checking the lifeboats."

"Friggin' ‘ell, you watched the lifeboat inspection? You must have been bloody bored."

"I was. You entertained me."

"Is that what I'm doing tonight?"

"I hope so. I need to be entertained."

"I can see that." Charlie leaned over and kissed her, hoping Petula would return the kiss. Not only did she return his kiss, but she held onto him like a drowning woman clinging to driftwood.

When he pulled away, she whispered, "What are we waiting for?"

Charlie reached under her hair and tugged at the string that held her halter top in place. "Not a damn thing. Let's get on with the job." The tie came loose. Just like a bib falling from a baby's neck, the halter top covering her breasts fell to her waist.

Without Charlie having to ask, Petula unbuttoned his shirt. "Do you remember how hot it was the day you inspected the lifeboats?"

"Sure I do. It was cooler in the engine room than it was on deck."

Petula pulled his shirt open. "Your coveralls were open like this, and I could see your chest. I wanted to touch it so much." She rubbed his pectorals with both hands.

"Well, Pet, when I saw your bathing togs today, I wanted to rub yours, too." He filled each hand with a soft breast. "And that's not all I wanted to rub."

"Tell me what else."

"Better to show you, I think."

He stepped backward toward his bunk, taking Petula with him. "I don't want to muss up your dress. Maybe you should take it off."

"Perhaps I should. Will you help me? You're an engineer, you should be able to manage a zipper." She turned around and waited.

Knowing his way around an engine didn't help him one iota in this situation. All he saw were folds of poofy blue chiffon. He didn't see even the slightest hint of a zipper. "Where exactly is it, Pet?"

"It's back there. You'll find it."

Charlie sat down on the edge of the bunk. He figured the easiest way to find it, and the best way to get things rolling, was feeling under her skirt. He heard her breath catch as he slid his hands up the back of her legs, but she didn't stop him. 

When his fingers grazed the bare flesh of her bum, he nearly pulled his hand away, startled that she didn't have any underpants on. He paused, and got his bearings. This one wanted it as much as he did. It had been a while since he'd had a Sheila so willing, and ready for it.

Letting one hand rest on her bare arse cheek, he reached up with the other to feel the inside of her dress. He felt the zipper teeth with his fingers, but still couldn't see the damn thing.

Reluctantly, he pulled his other hand out from under her dress and felt for the zipper from the outside. After he traced the line of the teeth, he finally discovered the small tab wrapped in blue cloth at the waist of the skirt. He slid it down in one smooth motion to the bottom of her bum.

"Christ, Pet, it's easier to tear an engine apart than it is to open this friggin' zipper."

"That's why I asked for help. I knew you'd figure it out."

 To Be Continued . . .


Do It To Me

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