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Nov 4, 03:12 AM

Mirrors Within Mirrors   by P.F. Kozak

From the Anthology   Bound To Ecstasy

Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: O

Bound To EcstasyPatricia is tightly wound workaholic.  She is so far gone that her psychiatrist has suggested to her that she explore her submissive fantasies as a way of forcing herself to relax.  Enter Dr. Forrest who plans to help her relax and find satisfaction within her body as well. 

Patricia to put it bluntly is a sassy bitch that is very hard to like at first.  However, Ms. Kozak works around the emotions of Patricia and exposes her vulnerability.  Dr. Forrest is a strong Dominant who won't put up with Patricia hiding from herself.  His powerful domination makes their sexual encounters passionate even when it appears that he is just using Patricia. 

The secondary characters bring highly charged sex into the picture.  There is every type of sex with a good dose of BDSM.  I enjoyed the twist that Ms. Kozak threw into the story at the end and my heart melted. 

Overall this is a delightful BDSM romance and well worth the reading.

Bound To Ecstasy
Vonna Harper, P.F. Kozak, Lisa G. Riley
ISBN: 075822222X