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Nov 3, 09:30 PM


Take Me There
P.F. Kozak
ISBN: 9780758222718

Customer Rating for this product is 5 out of 5 A winner! 

Take Me ThereER Dr. Daniel Hanson saves the life of car accident victim Presley Knowles. After healing from her near fatal crash, Presley connects with Vadim, her lover from a previous lifetime, but presently a spirit who has spent seemingly forever grieving for his Ninotchka (Presley's name in a previous life that they spent together). She also is attracted to her medical savior. Daniel is pulled in her direction and that of Vadim's otherworldly friend and confident Ezra, who wants the physician.

There is much more to this interesting paranormal erotic romance, using a successful children's technique in which the reader chooses the subplots that each of the four prime players star in. Surprisingly, each member of the strange quartet seems genuine as spirit or human they carry baggage. Fans who appreciate something different in their literature will enjoy selecting the eight options as TAKE ME THERE is one the reader will reread to see answers to, "What if we choose their adventures?"

 - Harriet Klausner