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Jun 7, 12:25 PM

Trio CoverTRIO 

P.F.Kozak, Devyn Quinn, Jane Ledger
ISBN# 13:978-0-7582-2531-3/10:0-7582-2531-8
June 2008 

Hot Pepper by P.F. Kozak

Pepper Kaufmann has just lost her job in Pittsburgh and is now staying with her sister until she can get on her feet. But her sister insults her one time too many and Pepper goes to see an old friend, Ted Duncan, never imagining where that would lead.

Ted Duncan and Butch Lorenzo have been living together since Butch divorced his wife. Now with Pepper back, they agree to let her live with them and hope that she wants things to return to what they were between them as much as they do.

Pepper, Ted and Butch pick up as though they have not been apart for ten years. The feelings are just as strong as they were before, only now they are older and can finally admit their love for one another. But is this meant to last?

I loved this story. I thought it was a great way to start off an anthology and could not have picked a better story if I tried. P.F. Kozak is truly a talented writer.

No Strings Attached by Devyn Quinn

Lara Green has been left to clean up her ex-husband's mess. When she has no way of paying his debt, she knows she must use her body to work off what he owed. When her boss suggests she meet with customers about being their sex slave for a week, she agrees.

Nick Conway and Jared Montgomery are best friends and business partners. Nick has been in love with Lara for a long time and Jared is in love with Nick though he admits he is bisexual. Will Nick's dream of making Lara his come true?

Lara is nervous about the situation at first, but she quickly overcomes her fears as Jared and Nick take her to new heights of passion. Over the course of the week she realizes that she has fallen in love with both men. How can she possibly walk away?

This is a very sensual read. I found that both men had their weaknesses and their strengths but they worked well together. I love the way Ms. Quinn detailed the emotions of each person. This is a must read.

Bring It On by Jane Ledger

Nancy Roman works out of her home and is friends with one of the neighborhood cops, Steve Karan. Nancy has had fantasies about him and his best friend Jack, but thinks they will never be fulfilled.

Steve Karan has been in love with Nancy forever. After breaking up a shoplifting ring at a high priced store, he brings her a gift from the store. When she tries it on, he cannot believe what happens next.

Nancy and Steve begin as friends but turn into lovers. After several months, Nancy tells Steve her fantasy of being with both him and Jack. He surprises her that evening and they fulfill her fantasy.

I thought this story did not quite fit in with the overall anthology. Although it is a good story, it did not hold my attention as well as the first two stories. Ms. Ledger is a talented writer and I hope we will hear more from her in future.

My overall impression of this book was WOW! All three authors are talented and have been able to make their characters believable. The sex scenes are steamy and had me wishing for a sudden snowstorm. I was impressed with the details each author included in their story as it made the story truly come to life. This is one anthology that will stay on my shelf for a long time. Caution: This title contains steamy sex, graphic language and red-hot m/m/f romance.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance