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Jun 7, 01:23 PM

Triio CoverWarning!

This is a REALLY HOT excerpt.

 (Sexually Explicit) 

As Pepper followed Ted up the stairs, she remembered doing this before. Ted had the house to himself quite often. His mom had passed away when he was barely thirteen and his dad worked nights at the bar.

One evening, he called Butch and Pepper, and asked them over. She had fooled around with Butch, and with Ted, but never at the same time.

That evening, Ted broke out a bottle from his dad's liquor cabinet. She didn't drink much, but enough to feel relaxed, and sexy. Butch sat down on the sofa beside her, and started to tickle her. Ted joined in, sandwiching her between them. Without her realizing exactly how it happened, the tickles became something more.

The feel of their hands on her at the same time made her crazy. Ted fondled her breasts and Butch had his hand under her skirt. When Ted suggested they go to his room, she agreed. She wanted to go upstairs then, just as she did now.


Ted had almost reached the top stair. He stopped and turned around. "Pepper, are you all right?"

"I'm fine. I want to ask you something before we see Butch."


"Do you want it to be the way it was before, with the three of us?"

Ted came back down and stood beside her. "Do you?"


"Well, I think that makes it unanimous."

"Butch does, too?"

"Why wouldn't he? If it makes you feel better, let's ask him."

Ted took her hand, and led her the rest of the way.

Butch had his back to the door, making up the bed, when they came into his room. Pepper laughed. "You're changing the sheets?"

Butch jumped. "Jesus, don't do that! You wanna give me a heart attack?"

Ted grinned. "Butch, Pepper's got another question for you."

"Which is?"

"I just asked Ted if he wants it to be like it was before, with the three of us. He does, and I do, too. What about you?"

"Well, duh! Why the hell do you think I'm changing the bed? I thought that's what we all wanted."

"Just making sure. It's been a while. I mean, we've changed. We're all different, and I think what we do together will be different."

"Probably.  Maybe it's like riding a bicycle, and you don't forget how. It's been so damn long, I'm not sure if I remember."

Ted picked up a pillow and stuffed it into a pillow case. "Which is another good reason for him to change the sheets.  I hear his bed thumping almost every night. Can't tell you how many times I've been tempted to come in and lend a hand."

 "Damn good thing Pepper showed up, or I might have come knocking on your door." Butch held up his right hand and kissed it. "This is the only lover I've had in quite a while." He wiggled his fingers, then formed a fist and pumped.

Butch's admission surprised Pepper. "It's been that long?"

"It's been that long."


"Exactly.  Remember that old song?" He sang in the clear strong voice that made the school choral director hound him to join the chorus-though he never did. "No one knows what goes on behind closed doors."

"Sure I remember that song. Why?"

"Because, if people knew what my life was like with her, they wouldn't think I'm such a shit for leaving. Now, they'll probably blame you, too, and say we had a thing going all these years."

"I wish we had."  Pepper smiled.

"The truth doesn't matter to people, from what I've seen. My own mother won't talk to me. She says Catholics don't get divorced, especially Italian Catholics."

"Well, hell! Like Ted said, we're really going to give them something to talk about now."

"Hey, that's another song cue!" Ted tossed a pillow at Butch.

He tossed it back. "I don't do Bonnie Raitt."

Pepper grinned. "Given the chance, I bet you would."

"I'd rather do you." Without taking his eyes off of her, Butch reached down and slowly pumped the ridge in his jeans. "I'm ready."

Ted wrapped his arms around Pepper's waist and pressed his erection into her ass. "So am I."

Pepper's heart thumped in her chest as she said, "I'm ready, too."

"Will you blow me?" Ted's hot breath in her ear gave her goose flesh.

Pepper nodded yes, and then looked at Butch. "Will you . . ."

Before she could finish the sentence, Butch had unzipped his jeans. "You're damn right, I will." He hesitated. "Shit, Pepper. I don't have any rubbers. I haven't needed them in a long time. I threw out the old ones I had when I moved out, and never got more."

"I have some in my room. I'll get them." Before Ted had a chance to leave, Pepper stopped him.

"It's all right. I'm on the pill. I won't get pregnant."

"That's not the only reason we might need them. Ted, go get some, just in case."

"Butch is right, Pepper. There are some carnal acts that require a condom. If we do any of them tonight, we'll have them handy. I'll be right back."

After Ted left the room, Butch wasted no time asking Pepper the one question she didn't want to answer. "Why didn't you ever get married?"

"I never met anyone I wanted to marry." She refrained from adding except you.

"Since you left, you haven't been serious about anyone?"

"I've dated a few guys, but they turned out to be assholes. Who wants to marry an asshole?"

"Then why are you on the pill, if you aren't seeing anyone?"

Just then Ted came back in with a box of condoms. There followed an awkward silence. "I'm sorry, did I interrupt something?"

"Not really. Butch just asked me why I'm on the pill if I'm not involved with anyone."

"Good question. I wouldn't mind knowing that, too."

"You guys are too frigging much!  Just because I haven't gotten married doesn't mean I don't fuck." She pointed to the box of condoms in Ted's hand. "Why do you keep condoms in your room if you don't have a boyfriend?"

"You never know when you might need one."

"Exactly! I decided a long time ago I wouldn't get pregnant unless I wanted to. I like knowing I'm protected no matter what."

Ted tossed the box on Butch's nightstand. "That's having responsible sex. Speaking of which, let's have some now. Butch, remember how we used to warm Pepper up?"

"Sure I do. Are you still ticklish?"

"Don't even think about it." Pepper backed away as Butch came closer and bumped into Ted. He grabbed her arms and held her against him.

"Warm her up, Butch."

Pepper hated to be tickled. Both Butch and Ted knew that. She tried to kick Butch, but he dodged her foot and clamped his hands around her waist. When his fingers dug into her sides and started to wiggle, she had the intense urge to wet herself.

She squirmed against Ted with all her strength, but couldn't break free. She gasped, "Stop it! I can't stand it!"

But Butch didn't stop. As he had done so many years before, he tickled her relentlessly. Somewhere in the haze of intense sensation, she felt Ted's erection rubbing against her. She pushed her bum tighter against him, trying to lodge his prick between her ass cheeks.

"Go for her tits, Butch. She's getting hot."

With no preamble, Butch pushed her shirt up. "Hold her still, so I can unhook her bra."

Ted wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her tightly against his chest. His hard on poked her as Butch unhooked the front clasp on her bra. Pepper's tits tumbled out. Butch squeezed them roughly, and then pinched her nipples. "Jesus, Pepper, your tits are better than I remember!"

Feeling his hands on her again nearly made her swoon, but no way in hell would she tell him that.  She spit back at him, "It's been so long since you've seen a pair, you probably don't remember what the real thing looks like!"

"I fuckin' remember what they look like." He squeezed them again. "It's what they feel like that I forgot."


       CONTINUED IN TRIO . . .