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Jun 7, 12:45 PM

Trio CoverTRIO
P.F. Kozak, Devyn Quinn, Jane Ledger
ISBN: 0-7582-2531-8
June 2008
Ultimate Romance

Hot Pepper - P. F. Kozak

Just when she needs a friend, Pepper seeks out her old best buddy, Ted. After all these years of her being away, their friendship has survived. She makes a deal with Ted for a place to stay and a job until she can get back on her feet. In exchange, she will work at his bar and maybe, they will rekindle their friendship with benefits status. All this will depend on what Ted's roommate has to say. That would be a resounding "Hell, yeah" from Butch, the love of Pepper's younger days. After past mistakes and old hurts are put to rest, these three have a heck of a good time making up and making plans for the future - as a threesome.

Hot! Hot! Hot! This is one sexy story! Not only are these three old friends, but old lovers, as well. Ted and Butch have never been together sexually before, but with the love and desire of the lady they love, they find a beautiful love to last a lifetime. Raunchy, sensual, and fun, this is a story well worth reading! (There is MM action in this tale and it is handled in a fun and light way that this reader found easy to read and enjoy!)

Rating - 4

No Strings Attached - Devyn Quinn

Lara has no plans to be a dancer forever, but a girl has to do what she has to do to survive. Luck has not been on her side, and to get out of the her latest jam, she has to dance her butt off. When presented with an opportunity to make more than enough money to get her out of trouble, Lara is hesitant, but eventually agrees. She is to "entertain" two men for a week. At the end of the week, she is free to walk away. However, she finds that leaving is hard to do. She has to make a decision to let go and love or to run from herself once again.

Fun, sexy and sweet, this is a tale of three people that rock each other's world. Discovering the many delights of making love, these three take each other beyond and back again. It is an erotic tale that will fuel some pretty vivid fantasies - at least for me it will! (Again - this is a tale of MMF love with MM action. This time around, it is as sexy and steamy as can be. Enjoyable for anyone that likes multiples in action!)

Rating - 4

Bring It On - Jane Ledger

Nancy has her cop buddy Steve to thanks for getting her out of many a jam. When he saves her some trouble yet again, the last thing she expects is for him to come see her bearing a gift. The gift is a dress from a designer's show room. Although she feels unworthy of the extravagant gift, she agrees to some wild sex (the first encounter for them) in the dress, as long as they return it when they are done. What follows is the best sex either of them has ever had. What follows is the discover of deeper
feelings that have been developing for some time. As their relationship develops, she divulges that her fantasies resolve around sex with two men - the additional man being none other than Steve's partner,  Jack. What follows is a night that neither will ever forget. Steve's understanding of her only secures her deep feelings towards him and it seems that they will have their happy ever after.

Sigh, what a sweet, sexy story. It is full of erotic moments and passion. However, as the title of this book suggests trios, this story falls a little more than short. There is one scene with MMF action - but none of the unity that we have seen in the previous stories. This is a tale of two people falling madly in love. As such, it is a fabulous story. As a story of three people falling in love, well, that is just not what it is about. Expecting that I was disappointed, although, I think this is the best romance in the bunch.

Rating - 3

Reviewed By Thia McClain